The Jinglemute and Jingle-IT are currently offered on our website.
However, we are seeking ridiculously talented drummers to rep it in your city.

A.D.D.....not a problem. Bad grades in school...Been there done that...

We offer 100% commission per product sold with ongoing residuals at that store YOU SIGN for as long as they purchase in the future.

Have another job...No big deal...Do it part-time when you want or feel like stopping in a shop.
If you have a car, if you can walk into a drum shop, if you can speak, and lastly if you can jam, the product should sell itself.

Pick up 20 to 30 stores and gain 600 sold pieces per month minimum, which equals approx 1200.00 in cash per month for a few hours of doing what...JAMMING!!!!!!

e-mail us your info and an mp3 and/or video (even better a link) of you jamming on your kit, and we will contact you within the week.

Thanks for checking us out and seriously.... Do you really want to work in an office?

Jingle IT.. Just a little bit...

Who?    What?    Where?    Buy!